Nathalie Jones, Triathlete & Dietitian


Nathalie Jones is a freelance dietitian based in Glasgow who worked with Kevin Henderson on developing a triathlon coaching programme. Read her testimonial below.

I have always trained on my own, whether that be for running or triathlon. I always did ok but tended to overdo it and tire myself out or get injured. It was always pot luck whether a race went really well or disastrously wrong. Rest / easy days were never planned and probably, my harder sessions were not hard enough. I had known Kevin for at least 10 years as I had attended his spin classes in the past but, when we first spoke about the possibility of a structured training plan, I was apprehensive and unsure if another person could tailor a plan to my unpredictable work pattern and manage my training goals.

It has only been a few weeks but already, I cannot imagine how I would organise my own training again. It has been a real relief to have someone else take care of what I am doing and when. I’m not used to the detail or training at a particular pace or heart rate but am learning that each session has its purpose and that might not always be to go flat out. The Training Peaks system he uses is really straightforward (even to a total technophobe like me) and I train better knowing that he will be seeing my every move.
Kevin always has my week planned ahead of time and tailors it to the available time I have. I have found it a challenge, especially for longer sessions, but each session is manageable and within what I can do (just!). He is extremely knowledgeable and seems to have figured out quickly what I can push to and when to ease off, which is better than my own knowledge of myself!

I have found him to be a real support and is only a text away if I have a question. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to take their training a step further. Knowledgeable, supportive, firm but fair – a great coach overall. Thank you very much!