Triathlon & Cycling Coaching

Kevin’s athletes receive meticulously tailored training plans which are personally customised and reviewed on a weekly basis. He uses Training Peaks which is a long established program developed and supported by worldwide leading coaches. Kevin is now an ambassador for Training Peaks who have recognised his expertise through his use of the system.

TrainingPeaks Annual Training Plan (ATP)

To enable him to use his expertise in utilising the latest analytical tools he requires athletes to commit to training with heart rate monitors or power meters. It is imperative that the athlete be able to upload data frequently to Training Peaks to allow Kevin to continually adapt a progressive triathlon or cycling training programme.

TrainingPeaks Peak Performances

The services Kevin provides to his clients include:

  • A personally customised and periodised training programme.
  • All training-related support as well as the training plan, including daily schedules, weekly assessment and management of performance, mental skills enhancement, sports-nutrition advice and more.
  • Weekly analysis of breakthrough workout heart rate, power and pace.
  • Favourable membership fee to Training Peaks
  • Regular communications as agreed by telephone and email
  • Individually-tailored, flexible training which adapts in case of injury or life events that may come along
  • Ongoing review and feedback