Training Plan Overview

Blackzone Coaching supplies its athletes with bespoke Triathlon and Cycling training plans which are personally customised and reviewed on a weekly basis.

We use Training Peaks to deliver and analyse your training, ensuring we are able to quickly react to changes in your fitness or any life events that disrupt it.

This is a long established system used by many of the world’s top coaches and Head Coach Kevin has been recognised as a certified Training Peaks coach for his expertise in using the platform.

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To enable us to implement our expertise in utilising the latest analytical tools we require athletes to commit to training with heart rate monitors or power meters. It is imperative that the athlete be able to upload data frequently to Training Peaks to allow our coaches to continually adapt a progressive triathlon or cycling training programme.

Let Blackzone Coaching help you achieve your targets and goals on Zwift. Whether you’re training for an in-game event, outdoor cycle event or just want to improve your watts/kg, Blackzone Coaching can help you reach your goals.

All Blackzone Coaching Athletes Receive

Customised Plan

A personally customised and periodised triathlon or cycling training plan to suit your training style and goals.

Performance Plan

All training-related support as well as the training plan, including daily schedules, weekly assessment, mental skills enhancement, sports-nutrition advice and more.

Weekly Analysis

Weekly analysis of breakthrough workout heart rate, power and pace. An understanding of your week's performance.

Discounted Fees

Free Training Peaks membership worth up to £150 a year

Full Support

Regular communications as agreed by telephone and email with individually-tailored, flexible training which adapts in case of injury or life events that may come along.

Feedback Analysis

Fully supported on your journey with meticulous and intuitive training plans which will give you confidence to train and race at your best.

Cycling & Triathlon Training Fees

Cycling Basic


Cycling Advanced


Triathlon Basic


Triathlon Advanced


Training Peaks Premium
power and heart rate
based training
power and heart rate +
GPS based training
basic data analysis
advanced data analysis
with wk05 software
unlimited texts and emails
monthly phone consultation
1 per month

2 per month

1 per month

2 per month
strength and conditioning
£10 extra per month


£10 extra per month


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