Lucy Bennett-Poole wins her Age Group at Outlaw X 70.3

What an incredible day and an outstanding end to my 2023 Triathlon Season.

Today I won my Age Group at Outlaw X 70.3
I’ve trained my arse off this year and to finish on a high like this is hard to put into words. I’ve missed the podium twice by tiny margins at my other events and had started wondering if I’d ever do it.

Thankyou to Anthony Bennett-Poole for putting up with my early mornings, keeping my bike running like a Swiss watch and for the loan of your extra fast whooshy wheels (they clearly did the trick)

Also big thanks to Kevin Henderson of Blackzone coaching who has worked me very very hard, but clearly it has now paid off.

And a big well done to Malachi Cashmore who came 3rd overall!!!