Reverse Periodisation Training for Cyclists & Triathletes

‘The “reverse” approach is based on maintaining intensity closer to that which the competition demands (recognising that initially, the athlete’s capacity to perform this intensity will be low) then to increase the volume progressively, without sacrificing the intensity. In summary, the goal is for the athlete to learn how to run fast over a distance that they are capable of running fast over, then to increase that distance. The difference in approaches of these two models is essentially this: the traditional model commences with capacity (volume) and shifts towards power (intensity). The alternative model, as the name suggests, reverses this approach, commencing with power then shifting toward capacity.’

– Ian King, Foundations of Physical Preparation

The Reverse Periodisation Philosophy

  1. In Winter, short days limit available safe training time
  2. Make most effective use of available training time
  3. For middle/long distance go long nearest your event
  4. Stay injury-free
  5. Rest & recovery is as important as training
  6. Balance training with the rest of your life