Julie Fitzpatrick, Triathlete

By Kevin Henderson, July 28, 2015


I was an injured runner when Kevin encouraged me to get a road bike and enter a triathlon which I did. At the time I could just about manage 2 lengths of the pool without stopping and hadn’t quite perfected the art of clip in shoes or learned the rules of the road. I joined and enjoyed training with a local triathlon club but when I decided to do a 70.3 I knew I needed a more specific training plan. Fast forward 10 months and I have completed Mallorca 70.3, various sprint triathlons, road races and time trials- 10 & 50 mile.

Kevin is an intuitive coach and I believe he knows my abilities probably better than I do so I tend not to think too much about my training I just follow what’s on the program each day and have improved considerably in all disciplines. The sessions are always different and challenging, carefully tailored to my own power zones and readapted periodically to mirror fitness gains. Kevin always takes account of injuries, work commitments and life events. Highly recommend getting a program and wouldn’t look further than Kevin for this.