Paul Ronan

By Kevin Henderson, November 2, 2021


I am an early 50’s cyclist who returned to cycling during covid times after many years of not getting on the bike. I was inspired to take on a Haute Route challenge in September of 2022 and realised in early Jan that structured training could be of benefit.

I reached out to Blackzone where I met Kevin and we discussed his training approach for other Haute Route customers and we started to work together. We began a 6-month journey that put me through an increasingly tougher periodic training program. It was tailored to my need, and took into account family holidays and emergency business trips. Kevin’s approach was to continually stretch my abilities without snapping me, he pushed me to meet the goals we had jointly agreed and we communicated through emails, phone calls, and regular reviews of the data in training peaks. At no point did Kevin or myself physically meet but our interactions were small and often, pretty much every other day for a training regime which was 6 days on, one day off which was in line with the growth plan I had set myself.

The Haute Route was a success and my cycling fitness saw a large leap in FTP and the confidence to take on bigger multi-day events in Europe next year.