Stephen Hogarth

By Kevin Henderson, January 10, 2020


Exmoor 70.3 Ironman – 25th June 2017

Result – 1st in age Group 45-49 and 21st Overall

Not a bad day at the office but the Journey started 9 Months before this event.

Cycle Coach

This was my 5th year of Triathlon and as the years have passed I have been improving every year. After recently moving in 2016 from an onshore workplace to being back offshore on a 3 weeks away and 3 weeks at home rota I had no idea how to be able to train properly after working 12 hours every day.

I entered Exmoor 70.3 in 2016 and only had a few months of offshore life to maintain a good level of fitness that I had. The course should have really suited me and I finished 3rd in age group. I was pleased with result but not with performance as I knew I could have done much better. I also missed out on a qualification spot to the World Championships by 1 place. So I had unfinished business in Exmoor and decided for the first time in my Triathlon Career that I was going to an event with a specific Goal.

’’ I want to qualify for the World 70.3 Championship’’

With no idea how to train properly offshore, I decide I needed a coach to help. I looked at many different options from online to personnel trainers and finally came across Black Zone Coaching. A couple of things stood out in his webpage when doing my research.

1. If you are looking for an easy fix you won’t find it with Kevin, but if you are serious about your goals and willing to commit to his guidance you will achieve what may have previously eluded you as an athlete.

2. Kevin has a 100% success record with his athletes reaching their goals. (’’Bold Statement’’)

I started working with Kevin in September 2016 and the fresh approach to training gave me a new lease of life. He was very quick at knowing what I was capable of and the training programs are constantly changing which helps enormously with motivation. During my offshore rota, he has been able to adapt the cycling training plan to get the most out of a Watt Bike and Treadmill with High intensity, Short duration workouts. (If you call 1 ½ hours on a treadmill short) at times of high fatigue he can quickly adjust the programs to get me back on track, I honestly feel at the age of 48 I am fitter now than I have ever been in my life.

Next step is Chattanooga on the 10th September to put myself up against the best the World has to offer. I have no idea what to expect or what I would be happy with. I will continue to follow Kevin’s cycling training plan and try and execute the race to the best I have to offer and see what comes from it. Most importantly I’m going to enjoy the whole experience.

Finally, Thank you Kevin for being a big part in the Jigsaw in helping me achieve my Goal.